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Winter 2014- 2015 Playlist

Hello All!

So today I thought of an idea for a post- My winter 2014 playlist!
Sorry that they're not in order of preference but they're all good to me so I would take too long deciding!
So these are the winter songs I've listened to this year. Some songs are old and I listen to the every winter! But a lot of them are new and I hope you guys go to check some of them out- I'm not into one type of music, but I listen to everything (maybe not screamo or rock though...) so I hope most of you have some songs here that you like to listen to. :)

1. Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J ~Bang Bang~
This song is huge now! It's popular here in the UK as well as the states (and probably the rest of the world) and it is so catchy. Not to mention it's a song with 3 amazing female singers!

2.  J.Cole Feat Miguel ~Power Trip~
I know this one isn't new or 'huge' but I absolutely love it and it's definitely a winter song! It really makes me think about guy's feelings- and I love the lyric video.

3. Ariana Grande ~Problem~ 
This one is a motivational song that really puts me in a 'strong independent woman' mood. And I've just noticed that this list is going to have a lot of Ariana Grande in- I'm not a huge fan girl of her, but I do happen to really like lots of her music- and she is  b e a u t i f u l. You go girl!

 Guess the song? Its...
3. Ed Sheeran ~Thinking out Loud~
I am in love with this song! And Ed Sheeran's album X (which includes this song) won the most bought album of 2014! This song is soft and so sweet- and the lyrics are so cute!
Click to Listen to this on Youtube :)
Along with this song I'd like to add...
4. Ed Sheeran ~Don't~ This one is a more upbeat song that you can dance to- It's bouncy and catchy! (And a happy driving song if you drive.)

5. Nico & Vinz ~Am I Wrong~
Not much to say about this one apart from... It's good. Listen to it.

6. Ariana Grande Feat The Weeknd ~Love Me Harder~ 

Not a fan of the long slow flat intro... So I play a slightly faster version of the song (Which is great for workouts). But the rest of this song is catchy and I love it :)

7. Maroon 5 ~Sugar~
Sugar is a very new song (Came out only a week ago!) But it's already very popular on youtube and the video to this song makes me so happy and giggly! It's upbeat and bound to cheer you up.

8.  Clean Bandit Feat Jess Glynne ~Rather Be~
I LOVE THIS SONG! It makes me so motivated to go out and have fun or go for a run- this is my number 1 pick-me-up. It's so upbeat and makes me smile! This song is magical and will make you feel like you've never been happier-ever-. Listen to it. On repeat. For a year.
9. Taylor Swift ~Blank Space~
Okay anyone who's this crazy over guys in real life has to stop. But we've all been there! Forgetting the video, the song is actually great and I can't get enough of it. I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift but she's bought out 2 great songs this winter.
Click to Listen to It on Youtube :)

10. Ariana Grande Feat Zedd ~Break Free~ 

11. Basshunter ~Now You're Gone~
I know this isn't new but I listen to this song every winter as although it's years old (and I mean YEARS) It's a still very catchy and upbeat love song. People who are into their late teens and twenties will remember this song- I'm really into 90s and early 2000s garage so some of that will be on here! Anyway, regardless of your age, listen to this song. You won't be able to get it out of your head for a few weeks though...
Click to Listen to it on Youtube :)

 12. Avril Lavigne ~Rock 'n' Roll~I'm not into rock- so just being clear- this is not rock music. But it's an inspirational -f-the-world- get up and do something lets go crazy song.

13. Meghan Trainor ~All About That Bass~
I've heard stuff in the press lately about horrible things Meghan Trainor says and how she acts- but regardless, this song is catchy and I like what it's about :) It makes me feel sassy!
Click to Listen to it on Youtube :)

14. Nicole Scherzinger ~Boomerang~
This one's not new but not that old
either- it's sassy and still gets me

15. Iggy Azalea Feat Rita Ora ~Black Widow~
I love this song- its new and makes me wanna party! Defo dance-along material.

16. R Kelly ~Remix to Ignition~
This one is AH-MAZE-ING. I know its 'old school' and I flipping love it. I've been listening to this since it came out and I'm not going to stop- it makes me dance! The tune is bouncy and just listen to it- perfect party song. Buy this song. Now.

17. Rita Ora ~I will Never Let You Down~

18. Beyonce ~Sweet Dreams~
I've always liked this song for winter- makes me think about the stars! It's very bass-y and that 'independent strong woman' song I was on about earlier. I like playing this song in the car as I like the bass in it.

19. Wiz Khalifa ~Roll Up~    <---- Great song if you're thinking about 'someone'. Calming tune :)

20. Ariana Grande Feat Mac Miller ~The Way~
Loving this tune. Say No More.

21. Rihanna Feat Drake ~Diamonds~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This is one of those songs that will always be around on the radios. It's a calming tune and makes you think about whatever is on your mind when you listen to it.  It's just a beautiful song.

22. Aloe Blacc ~The Man~ 
This song puts me in such a good mood! It's not a party tune but it's a quality song if you're in a bad mood or cant be bothered to get up in the morning. (We all have those days).

23. Nelly Feat Kelly Rowland ~Dilemma~

I know I'm including a lot of old tunes but this one is so sweet and puts me in a bopping mood.

24. Taylor Swift ~Shake It Off~

Pretty much everyone has heard of this song now so there's not much to say... This song is to get you up and shaking and dancing and whatnot! #Motivational

25. Kid Ink Feat Usher & Tinashe ~Body Language~

This song has been huge this winter! Everywhere I go it's playing- and it makes me want to dance (even though most of the time i'm in public. So can't. Oops) #ThatNeverStopsMe

26. Sweet Female Attitude ~Flowers~
Ok another old school garage- Sweet song based 'in the pouring rain' so I guess that counts as winter..

27. Wilkinson ~Afterglow~ 

I think this came out last winter or 2 years ago in the winter... Anyway, the video to this song is so cute about a couple that are so in love. And the song is a mix between many genres- but everyone loved it then and I still love it now. Proper winter cuddles song.

28. Nicki Minaj Feat Rihanna ~Fly~

The song Fly makes me so inspired and I love the build up into it. I put this in the list because when it came out it was playing all winter and I remember being in the car with my friends and it was so cold but the song came on so we were all singing it and it made me feel so happy! So it always reminds me of winter. #LifeStoryOver

29.  Kelly Rowland Feat Lil Wayne ~Ice~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This ain't no 'ice ice baby' song. But it's a bit old and a really catchy song, I would recommend for older teens and older people... It's a bit rude but the tune itself is really calming. I love it, and Kelly's dancing in the video. (You go girl!)

30. Justin Bieber ~All That Matters~
This is the last one- now as much as he's never done anything wrong to me, I'm not a Belieber (A Justin Bieber fangirl). I'm not into many of his songs either, but this one I love. It's a jazzy calm song and the lyrics are actually really sweet.

So there you go- these are the top 30 songs I listened to this winter and I hope you guys can listen to some of these songs if you don't know them. I didn't write these to advertise any, these are just my favorites and I made it for fun :) See You Soon blog,

Love Moi xxxxx

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