Monday, 12 January 2015


Hey, so I'm a beauty enthusiast and I am obsessed with everything beauty. 

My heavy interest in cosmetics has finally inspired me to create this blog about it, for somewhere to vent all the makeup 'stuff' I've got bursting out of me. 
I live in Central London, and I'm not aiming on getting anywhere with this blog (although that would be great, wouldn't it? ;) but its for fun, for me to have something to channel all my beautified energy into, and for you guys to read and maybe get some tips? If you don't like the blog then that's okay, but if you do like it that's cool too :). I'll be writing about reviews of new (or old?) beauty products, my favourites and why, and techniques or styles that might be cool. So let's get started shall we....
I'll tell you a little bit about myself for now, as it's 2am so writing a constructive blog post now would not be ideal or a clever idea.
I don't really have a favourite makeup brand as I love so many and my fave products for different things are from different brands, but I am a firm lover of MAC (who isn't?) and to be honest, I really really like Maybelline and Rimmel London- I know they're high street and not usual FAVE brands but I think they're awesome. I love a lot a lot a lot of fave makeup brands, forgive me.
I'm a lush fan (woopwoop) and I'm a Starbucks addict! Yum. A bit irrelevant from beauty, I love horses and dogs and photography- I'm sure everybody loves photography- and interior design!!
I love London to pieces but I also love to travel- and I've always wanted to go to Paris! I've gone on trips with schools when I was younger, but I've always wanted to have a proper romantic holiday in Paris (sappy much). 
What else can I say about me? Ummm I have a dog called Louie and a kitten named Tinkerbell (who I'm pretty sure is a boy and seriously acts like a dog- if anybody else has a problem like this with their cat then let me know so I'm not alone). I'm very smiley and happy and hyper a lot of the time- it's my personality, so I hope it comes of in my blog and drenches everyone reading with glitter and shimmer and hyper-ness! 

P.S. Forgive me for the state of this blog as it's not quite up and running yet, and I have a lot of editing to do, but I will improve it tomorrow- see you soon,

Love Moi  xxxxx

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