Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Random haul (January sales!)

Sooo I've done a bit of shopping over the last few weeks and although some of it I haven't shown because they are gifts, some of it I also bought to keep (yay!) so this isn't that long but it's just bits and pieces I've collected over the last couple of weeks :)

So first thing I'll mention is beauty... I ran out of powder so that's the excuse here, but the primark (black and gold spots) cosmetics I bought because they were so cheap so I thought I may as well try them incase they are any good. The maybelline Baby Skin Primer I have one of and find it ah-maze-ing. It makes the skin so soft and silk-like, and I can't live without it now. So I bought a second one (woopwoop). 
Second thing I bought are these Techniques brushes- just the 4 pack. 
I had some before I moved but my puppy chewed them so I threw them away and you can't really live without some basic brushes can you?
Rimmel Apocalips gloss-
Bought this to try it because I ran out of lip gloss and last minute in the shopping centre I remembered to buy some- it's very pigmented, but it doesn't last long in the lips and it tastes awful. (I know we don't buy them for the taste but seriously bad). I bought it in the shade 300- out of this world.
Next I bought was this Soap and Glory brow Tint and Precision Making pencil. 
On one end, it's like a felt tip and the other is a small crayon. I have light brown eyebrows but not blonde, so I bought the shade Brownie Points and I love it. The pencil end isn't actually much use to me as for whatever reason it's not actually coming off on my skin and it's not sticking to my foundation. But the pen end is great for filling in the odd bits in my brows and making them the perfect shape whilst looking natural- would definitely recommend.
 Next thing I bought beauty-wise is slightly more expensive- it's a Yves Saint Laurent travel palette as I hadn't had one yet (perfect excuse really) and I wanted something to use on-the-go without buying tons of bits and pieces separately. I chose something a bit more pricey to treat myself and when I saw it, I just couldn't leave it on the shelf...
At the moment I've only used the highlighting powder, the lip lining pencil, the pencil eyeliner, one of the eye shadows in silver and the blusher- I'm not going to go into it as I may write a review about this at some point, but so far so good. (Blusher is gorgeous colour for winter).
I next bought a travel tangle teaser as it's handy to put in my bag when on the go or if I'm staying somewhere at the weekends and don't have space for a big brush- it was £12.99 but tangle teasers are the most efficient tangling brush I've ever had and I think everybody should have one as a basic human right.... 

I also bought 2 balmi's from Boots to try as I've seen them everywhere but I'm sure it's a copy of EOS lip balms... I bought the blackcurrent and coconut ones, and the blackcurrent one tastes awesome and actually stays on until I eat food (which most lip balms do anyway).

I went into Wilkinsons to have a look at their new kitchenware range and had a snoop around the left over Christmas beauty gifts (oops) and I found this bath rose... It has roughly 20 petals on it and each one you can put in your bath and it fizzes a bit and floats into a cream... I haven't used it yet but it is so pretty! Because Wilkinsons is a budget value shop, I'm worried about whether it's going to goor or bad on my skin, but I'll have to wait and see.
I went into lush to buy some gifts for my sisters birthday and happen to 'accidentally' buy myself a bath bomb. It's called So White (I think it's a play on Snow White) and it's just white on the outside and pink with dark pink bits on the inside and smells lovely so will be buying next winter! 
Staying ish on the beauty side now, I ran out of this perfumed spray from New Look- it smells expensive and so feminine  but it's quite cheap (I don't remember price sorry!) and they have other scents but this is my favourite, so I bought some more. This one is called 'Blush' and the liquid is a baby pink colour.
I was in Marks and Spencer's and guess what I found in the sale?? Beauty department stuffs!! I couldn't find a good enough reason to buy anything else because I didn't need them, but I'm running out of bubble bath/ foam that isn't lush bombs... So I bought these two :) they are fruity collection bath foam with moisturiser in them, in the smells Peach and Almond and Strawberry- the strawberry smells so sweet so I bought it for my other half as he loves strawberry smelling wash things (shh our secret) and I bought myself the almond and peach one as it smells really relaxing.
I also bought the I love.. Collection bath set from Superdrug using the same excuse that I'm running out of bath stuff as I did with the Marks and Spencer's buy... Oops. I haven't used these yet but they each smell so different and yummy :)

Forgot about these :S did a bit of shopping at superdrug and tried out the new brand Revolution (which I'm sure is owned by MUA because all their products are exactly the same with the same packaging and same price!). I've taken out the colour as I'll probably buy some more of the brand and do a review on the brand altogether. But I bought 2 eye shadow palettes, the MUA pro-brow eyebrow set and a Rimmel lipstick because it was pretty :3.
Last beauty item was a bit of a splurge and I haven't used any of it yet or even opened it, but it's the Ted Baker London Ted Abbey gift box which includes 7 bath or shower gels and creams and all smell like claiming with a hint of fruityness (if that makes any sense?). I've wanted this for ages to try it all out, and the box itself is so pretty and huge that I'm going to use it to put my magazines or bath product in.
Finally going a bit off beauty now... I went into Claire's accessories which is usually for kids to have a look at their earrings as I'm losing all of mine (I blame by kitten). And I saw these Frozen stick on nails so of course I bought them even though I don't need them, but they were cute. Obviously when I got home, I looked closer and they clearly won't fit my nails as they are tiny and are for children. (Silly me). So I gave them to my niece as she loves frozen and being only 6, shes the perfect age and size for these. (Jealous much)...
New fact about me: I'm a horsey one. I'm a horsey person, I've been riding since I was about 5 (I found pics of me on Shetlands and ponies about that age) and I can't get enough of horses. Anyway, I was in an equestrian shop and saw these probably for kids, they are mini horse feed or water buckets that I'm going to put hair clips and hair bands in.

(Totally irrelevant) I went into sweets Kingdom in Oxford Street or Regent Street and they had tons of retro sweets (overpriced but whatever) so I bought 2 twinkies as they are scarce in the UK, marshmallow flush which is like spreadable marshmallow, and a long tube of marshmallow. (I really like marshmallow).

The next two (or three) things are from primark as even though it's cheap and not always fabulosà... I think primark have really great basics if you're on a budget. So first, I bought a travel makeup bag because I've been looking for one for ages that is zip up and big enough to fit my everyday stuff in to bring with me when I stay overnight places. It's got a pretty gold and white bow on the front with a handy handle and it's white quilted and looks like Ted Baker or something. I love this.
Next at primark I bought a jumper to keep me warm (I usually stick to black and white or cream or navy colours with clothes). But I also bought a plain black long sleeved blouse shirt. In the picture I put the shirt inside the sweater as I thought it may go together, with just the collar popping out.
My other half was with me when I was shopping and he (amazingly) bought me a pair of Air Max Nike trainers as a late xmas pressie because I really need a casual pair of trainers I can go for a jog or run to the shop in, that aren't leather boots or topshop shoes... I know they cost quite abit but they are such nice colours! To say thanks I bought him back the Cool Water aftershave set by Davidoff from the perfume shop, as it's his favourite but he ran out a long time ago.
(As you can tell I bought some clothes from select but I wore them before taking any photos of what I bought, and it was only 2 black and white shirts and a pair of jeans as spare.
There's a shop called cex that sell second hand DVDs, blu-Rays, consoles, electronics and games... I buy all of my blu Rays and DVDs from there as they always work (they test them) and they are sooo cheap, and always have brand new games and movies in stock already. I bought this movie as I had it when I was younger and love it, so I'm going to watch it tonight with some popcorn!

These two (the cream ceramic camera and the grey ceramic fox) are so cute so I bought them from Wlkinsons for only £8 each. The photos are taken before I bought them as I was sending pics of them to my friend to ask If they thought they would look cool in my living room. They look good in spacey areas and I love the grey and white theme.

(Totally random But my other half bought this xbox game when we were shopping because he thought it would be a lot of fun so I thought I would include in the list)
You get to design your own monopoly board and personalise it, so he was right it is a lot of fun and I would recommend.

Another random- I buy Cosmopolitan every month and this month I bought it and put it in the list- sorry for the pic being a bit blurry! My kitten kept wanting to sit on it so I had to take the picture quickly.

Last thing I bought are these boots as I don't have nearly enough black boots for winter!! They were bought from a small shoe shop near Sloane Square which I don't remember the name of, and they have pretty gold buckles on, one with quilted up the sides and the other with gold zips. The pic is actually of two similar styles I found so I bought both and gave a pair to my sister who hasn't actually taken them off since.

So that's the random stuff haul of things I've bought over 2 shopping trips. I know the list was a bit long with all the pics (sorry)... I bought yummy jam in a glass jar too, but didn't think it was worth including as everybody knows what jam looks like.

See you soon, love
Moi xxxxxxx

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